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Luxury Pillows Here!

Lake Country Bed Barn focusses on providing our customers the best possible options to improve your quality of sleep. By offering the best mattresses at the lowest price possible and by offering luxury bed sheets with the best technologies in the business, we continue to strive to make your sleep experience the best it can be. With this we are now bringing in a new line of luxury pillows as well.

Sleep Harmony pillows specialize in support, comfort, cooling technology and longevity. The three pillows that we chose to bring into our store are the Luna, the Quest and the Transcend.

In the video below we were able to talk with Dr. Brandon Meye from Lake Country Health Center about how these pillows benefit your sleep!

The Luna Pillow

This pillow sports slumber silk fiber that is designed to be hypoallergenic and prevent clumping. These fibers maintain loft and support for all sleep positions. This pillow is specifically designed to be squeezed and molded to the shape that you like best.

The Quest Pillow

This pillow uses memory comfort fiber that is a high density fiber designed to cradle and conform to your head and neck to relieve pressure. At a medium firm build, this pillow provides flexible loft for comfort and support throughout the night. The curved shape is designed to conform to the contours of your neck and shoulder while the ice touch fabric has built-in temperature regulation.

The Transcend Pillow

The Transcend Pillow is the top of the line. With the shredded latex and charcoal-gel memory foam combination, this pillow offers you the best comfort with the cooling effect of the gel beads. The Feran Ice and the Air Plus mesh panels in the fabric allow for additional cooling through breathability and heat wicking technologies. With all of this, the Charcoal infused in the gel beads offers the best anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic solution on the market.

Once again, Luxury Pillows are coming to Lake Country Bed Barn, stay tuned to our blog and social media pages for more information and a release date!

UPDATE!! They are HERE!! 11/6/17. Come and Check them you!

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