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Furniture Protection Plans

We are excited to announce a new offering to our customers! We are now partnered with Guardsman and are able to offer protection plans on everything we sell! Pricing varies with amount purchased.

Guardsman Adjustable Bed Base Complete Protection Plan

Extend the life of your new adjustable bed base.

We know that you care about your new adjustable bed and want to keep it in great condition for as long as possible. When you invest in a new adjustable bed, you expect it to keep you comfortable for as long as possible. But what happens if your adjustable bed base breaks after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired? What about parts or service not covered by the warranty? Many warranties offer limited coverage, and expire after as little as one year!

Guardsman Gold Complete Furniture

Guardsman's most comprehensive Furniture Protection Plan protects your new fabric, leather, and wood furniture investment.

When you invest in new furniture, you want to keep it looking great for as long as possible. The Guardsman Gold Complete Furniture Protection Plan gives you total peace of mind. Whether your furniture is fabric, leather, or wood, damage and stains are covered by the Guardsman Gold Complete Furniture Plan.

Guardsman Mattress Protection Plan

Sleep comfortably knowing that your mattress is protected against stains and accidental damage with Guardsman Mattress Protection Plan.

Protect your new mattress investment from accidental stains and damage with the Guardsman Mattress Protection Plan. Guardsman will clean accidental stains or repair damage, giving you the confidence, peace of mind, and the satisfaction of enjoying your well-cared-for mattress for years to come.

Mattress manufacturers may not honor their own warranty if the mattress is soiled. By protecting your new mattress with Guardsman, you’re covered from accidental stains and damage that may prevent manufacturer’s defects from being repaired as required under warranty. What the Mattress Protection Plan Covers: •Food or beverage stains •Human or pet bodily fluids stains •Burn damage •Puncture, cut, tear, rip damage

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