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Tommie Copper Mattress | Exclusive Wisconsin Retailer

Introducing our newest product...… We have been chosen (yes, chosen!) to be a Tommie Copper Exclusive Mattress Retailer! We are the only one in the entire state of Wisconsin that is currently able to offer this line up of mattresses! This is such a privilege to be deemed worthy of selling and advocating for the Tommie Copper Brand!

Here are three mattresses we are offering:

What and who is Tommie Copper?

  • Tommie Copper is a real person that after suffering a catastrophic accident, wanted to create wearable wellness, by making compression apparel comfortable for long term use.

  • Tommie Copper apparel features Patented cut and sews with ergonomic panels for targeted compression, and patented copper zynergy fabric.

  • Tommie Copper is known for being leaders in: Pain Relief, Support and Recovery.

  • The Tommie Copper Brand has a loyal following of:

  • Performance athletes looking for optimal recovery,

  • People engaging in long hours of physical labor.

  • Individuals seeking support or pain relief from injury, illness, and the natural aging process

  • People looking to enhance detox and lymphatic drainage.

  • Post surgical recovery

What are the Compression Benefits?

Compression Benefits- Compression has a wide range of health benefits for various needs:

  • Targeted enhanced support and muscle stabilization.

  • Pain relief.

  • Increased blood flow and circulation

  • Reduced inflammation, swelling and muscle fatigue.

  • Enhanced muscle recovery and soft tissue repair.

  • Increase performance, power and exertion.

  • Lactic acid reduction in muscles

  • Reduced nerve pain and nerve sensitivity.

Compression Sleep- Compression Sleep is designed to provide:

  • Targeted compression support to five zones of the body.

  • Tommie Copper Sleep Systems provide different levels of compression for various needs and feel preferences.

  • Compression comfort reduces pressure points while supporting the body.

  • Designed for enhanced support and recovery while you sleep.

What is Znergy Fabric?

Tommie Copper exclusive patented Znergy™ fabric features Copper and Zinc infusion for a surface that is:

  • Naturally antimicrobial, anti bacterial, anti odor.

  • Moisture wicking

  • 4 dimensional stretch for reduced surface pressure, ease of movement and enhanced air flow.

Tommie Copper Sleep Systems (mattresses)

Key Features

1. Adaptive Support Technology- Features multiple layers of support and pressure relieving material that work in unison to adapt and contour to the body for ideal alignment and comfort.

2. Sleep Cool and dry- Recovery is hard work which is why Tommie Copper Performance Sleep Systems feature gel infused cooling foams that work with Copper Gel infused memory foam to keep you temperature neutral and dry all night long.

3. Patented Znergy Fabric- What touches your skin and the air you breathe should always matter, but it’s even more important while you sleep and recover. Tommie Copper’s patented zinc and copper infused Zynergy fabric ensures your sleep surface is always naturally anti-microbial, antibacterial and moisture wicking for the ultimate peace of mind.

4. Copper Gel Memory Foam- CopperGel® Memory Foam is engineered with Copper Adaptive Gel Beads that respond to surface pressure with either compression support or soothing pressure relief. The copper composition within the foam makes the foam naturally antimicrobial, naturally anti-bacterial and temperature resistant.

5. Five Zone Compression Support- Compression sleep provides precision support for each zone of your body without painful pressure points. The comfort, compression and recovery Tommie Copper is known for, is now available while you sleep with this innovative sleep system.

6. Nano Compression Recovery Support (Pro Grade Only)- Taking recovery, compression and comfort to the next level, the Pro-Grade sleep system offers thousands of compression coils strategically placed to contour to your lumbar and pain points. Support has never felt this good!

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