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What Mattress Should I Buy for my Kid?

What Mattress Should I Buy for my Kid? Title Image

In our store we are often one of the stops for parents on the search for their child's first big kid bed or even their second or third bed. We are also parents of two little girls so we understand the transitions and what needs to be thought about in the choice you have to make when purchasing a mattress for you kid.

In the age of the internet and social media I often see questions from mothers looking for some help finding their children's first beds and it often gets overwhelming fast. So us, mothers, reach out to our favorite mommy group for help. If I sent you this link via a mommy group post I hope this provided some clarity for you! I have tried to summarized most the questions I have answered:

baby in crib

1. Should I get a toddler bed?

In my opinion, toddler beds are a waste of money. If you are getting a hand me down for free, then of course take it! Toddler beds are only used until the child is about 3 or 4 years old so you may get one to two years of use out of it. Save the money on buying a new bed in the soon years to come and just get something now that will last them a much longer time with some side rails on it! Which brings me to the next question...

2. What size mattress should we get: twin, full or queen?

The size of your child's bedroom greatly will impact this decision. A twin is 39" x 75", full is 54" x 75" and queen is 60" x 80". Your budget also affects this decision. This twins are the most inexpensive of the beds so you are able to get a higher quality bed for less money then purchasing a full. I personally have had a twin and full for my girls and much prefer the full. That way when I am needed for a late night snuggle I have room to comfortably lay and escape quietly. Bonus to a full mattress is that it can double as a guest bed!

3. What type of mattress should I buy: plush, firm, springs, memory foam...?

There are so many types of mattresses out there to choose from which makes narrowing this down, difficult, especially online! Call me old school, but I really need to touch and feel furniture before I purchase. We recommend that children have a medium firm mattress and a mattress with springs will last you longer than a generic all foam mattress If it is within your budget an enclosed coil bed is the best coil system for mattresses.

All foam mattresses with memory foam are great as well. Our children sleep on a memory foam mattress because it has the right amount of plushness for me when I have to sleep in it and firm enough to support their growing bodies.

5. What should I expect to spend at Lake Country Bed Barn?

When purchasing a bed for your child here is our typical sales:

  • Twin- Average price of$150-$200 for mattress. $75 for the box spring foundation and $50 for a frame

  • Lowest mattress only price option is $99

  • Full- Average price of $300-400 for mattress. $75 for the box spring foundation and $50 for a frame

  • Lowest mattress only price option is $110

  • Queen- Average price of $400 - $500 for mattress. $100 for the box spring foundation and $75 for a frame

  • Lowest mattress only price option is $125

Hopefully this helps you clear the chaos for the online information. As always, we invite you to visit the store. We promise to make it as easy as possible for you and respect your budget when making the transition of your kid into a new mattress!

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