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About Us

The Lake Country Bed Barn FAMILY

We are truly family run.  My husband, Nick and I, run our Hartland location since 2014. It started as a side gig to help us be the primary caretaker of our daughter.  After the birth of our second daughter, the demand was high enough for Nick to work at the store full-time. 


I have been in entrepreneur family my whole life.  My parents raised veal calves when I was younger and then the barn was converted into a mattress store.  I grew up having to unload semis into our barn at our farm in Watertown.  Much like my girls will be doing once they are strong enough.  Right now they stick to garbage pick up and cleaning.


We all love a fair price and a good deal. We know how important every dollar is to you and your family so we do not waste your time. Come to us for your mattress needs and you know you are getting a good honest price. ​

We look forward to helping you meet your sleep and furniture needs!

-Elise Miller

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