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What's in your Fabric?

Whether it's your bed sheets or the fabrics wrapping your mattress, the type of fabric used DOES make a difference. From Cotton, to polyester and from tencel, to viscose from bamboo. Every type of fabric has unique properties that help to improve comfort, health and your overall quality of sleep. In this post, we are going to focus on the different types of fabrics used to top off our very own Symbol Mattresses. In our show rooms in Hartland and Waukesha, we have mattresses and sheets with cotton, bamboo, and tencel fabrics. With a traditional cotton barrier you get an extra soft feel that is super breathable and durable. Cotton is also very good at wicking away moisture. With mattresses that are topped with the material called viscose, which is a naturally extracted fiber from bamboo, it offers many of the same features as cotton. It is breathable, durable and soft. Similarly, it is also excellent with wicking away moisture as well as expelling heat. In addition, viscose from bamboo also has naturally occurring antimicrobial properties which help enforce a healthier night's rest. Lastly, our mattresses that sport the tencel barriers. Tencel is a fiber called lyocell that is extracted from eucalyptus trees. Beginning with the environmental benefits. Eucalyptus trees don't need fertilizer or pesticides to grow, while cotton farms account for 16% of the worlds insecticide usage. In terms of the material's benefits, tencel is ultra soft, durable, antimicrobial, and its one of the best fabrics in terms of wicking away moisture and expelling heat. As you can see the fabric that you sleep on can make a big difference. Stop in to one of our stores today to see how you can upgrade to a mattress and sheets with better fabrics today.

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