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Questions to consider when mattress shopping

Everyone shops for a great deal. There is no harm in that, as everyone wants to save money. What I don’t like seeing is someone taking advantage of a person(s) shopping for a high-quality mattress at the best price. There most definitely is a catch when it comes to buying HUGE discounted mattresses or shopping at a BLOWOUT sale. These words get everyone’s attentions which is the whole point but here are some questions to ask before so you know exactly what you’re considering buying.

  • Is this mattress still under warranty?

  • Most bigger furniture stores or manufactures that sell mattresses will move mattresses that have been sitting in a warehouse somewhere into clearance sections and sell them “As-Is” to move them out for new inventory. If a mattress is not under warranty that means that the integrity of the mattress is either compromised or can no longer guarantee it’s quailty.

  • Result – You will most likely get a great deal on the mattress but maybe wake up with back pain right away or have to buy a new mattress a lot sooner than you hoped. A warranty is there for protection of your mattress, your money and your body heath.

  • What make Lake Country Bed Barn Different for warranty? – At Lake Country Bed Barn we carry Symbol Mattress which are BUILT TO ORDER mattresses. This means they are NOT sitting around a warehouse, collecting dust and damaging the integrity of the mattress. When you purchase through us your mattress could be as little as only a few hours old!!

  • Are these refurbished or previously owned/slept on mattresses?

  • There are some stores out there that claim to have huge savings on overstocked mattresses from big manufactures. When in fact, some of these beds were actually previously owned or slept on mattresses that were refurbished. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes love buying refurbished items, but a mattress? No thanks!

  • What does refurbished mean? – It means the mattress may have been gutted from the inside and re-stuffed with new foam and/or new quilting. Most likely they just replaced the cover but the inside used foam and springs is still intact and if you are luck it was just simply sprayed with chemicals to kill any potential bed bugs….. gross in either scenario.

  • Quality control for our store – Our manufacture Symbol Mattress builds our mattresses when they are ordered and wraps them in plastic instantly before being loaded onto a clean semi. If there is a warranty replacement that is needed the old mattress is taken back to Symbol for inspection and recycled. It is NOT resold at Lake Country Bed Barn for a HUGE discount.

  • What is a “pop-up” retail store?

  • A “pop-up” retail store is best described as a store that buys and re-sells comfort warranty returned mattresses in different locations as they get replenished from some manufactures.

  • Results – These beds may have been slept on for anywhere from 30-90 days! YIKES! Also, if there was a comfort warranty then the mattress may be defective and resold to you.

  • Bed Barn Difference – We take pride in finding you the right mattress and the right price the FIRST time. We ask you the right questions and talk through how you sleep and find the right mattress for you so there is no hassle on returning a mattress and starting all over again.

  • Is your sales person(s) knowledgeable or are they suspicious?

  • Some person(s) may be more interested in selling you anything at any price to make a buck versus actually knowing why a mattress is built the way it is and what benefits it can have for your body, your guests body, your children’s body and helping all get a good night sleep. Make sure to ask the sales person to break down the benefits to each mattress you are considering and why the price points may reflect the benefits. It is YOUR MONEY and YOUR BODY! Make sure you take care of both.

  • Potential result – You could be misinformed about what exactly you are buying and may have to deal with the consequences of not only a lot of money being wasted but also waking up with a sore back or neck and needing to seek help elsewhere.


At Lake Country Bed Barn, we take pride in our passion which is to offer you a great night sleep at a very affordable price. We offer the knowledge and breakdown of everything we carry in our store and we know what sets us apart. We are determined to set are selves apart from the rest and show the average person that there is a better way to shop for a mattress and get the phenomenal nights sleep we all deserve! Just remember…….. It is YOUR MONEY, YOUR BODY AND YOUR DECISION. Don’t be forced into one you are not comfortable with.

Happy Holidays to ALL and to ALL A GREAT NIGHTS SLEEP!!

Mattress Shopping

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