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Adjustable Sleep- Get the Info

Adjustable Base Sleep

What is an “Adjustable Base”? If you are like most people you have probably spent most of your life if not all of it on a flat mattress. Now a great mattress can definitely make a big difference on your quality of sleep. However, an adjustable base can enhance that sleep more than you probably realize.

A lot of people know an adjustable base can sit you up for reading and watching T.V.. Which is true but there is so many healthy body benefits to an adjustable base that I want to break down a bit, if I may…

What is the correct style of mattress for an adjustable base? –

Now most people may already know this answer but of course an “All Foam” mattress is going to work perfectly for an adjustable base. An all foam mattress can manipulate into any position the adjustable base can move with extreme ease and your body can feel the difference instantly. But did you know that an individually wrapped coil system mattress can do the exact same? Even a coil on coil mattress (two layers of coil system) is adjustable base friendly and is honestly our bestselling mattress for the adjustable bases we carry.

A traditional style spring mattress that is coiled together is unable to go on an adjustable base for the reason being is simply that the spring system cannot bend and twist and be manipulated without damaging the springs and voiding the warranty.

ZERO GRAVITY – What is zero gravity??

This is the most asked question I receive when I am discussing the benefits to adjustable bases with customers. Simply put, zero gravity is a position where your head and feet are slightly elevated about your heart giving you slowed down blood flow and relaxing the tensions in your neck, upper back, lower back, muscles and nerves. The natural curve of your spine and body that zero gravity puts you in enhances this even more. Zero gravity can even help with health issues such as sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux or Gastroesophageal reflux.

Reduced snoring is another big reason some customers have purchased the bases from us which helps not only your sleep but also your partner's sleep. Every customer that comes into the store I offer a “FREE RIDE” in zero gravity to see how much difference you can feel in your body health in as few as one minute! Now not everybody can sleep in zero gravity on their back but going into zero gravity for anywhere from a few minutes to as many as you like with help calm your body down before you go back to flat position and sleep on your side. Learn more about Zero Gravity in from a previous post.

Bonus Features – There are plenty of bonus lifestyle features that can be added to certain adjustable bases such as USB ports, underneath flashlight to not disturb your partner, wave frequencies for circulation, a wall huger to keep you close to your nightstand as you raise your head up, memory saving options for positions and many more.

To sum it all up…… An adjustable base can only enhance and help your body feel better and help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Come take your Free Ride today! Displays at Hartland and Waukesha Locations.

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