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Sleep like an Astronaut | Zero Gravity Position

The Zero Gravity Position

We have all heard about the "Zero Gravity Position" but most still have numerous questions about this topic. I am going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. What is the Zero Gravity Position? What are the benefits to the Zero Gravity Position? How do you sleep in the Zero Gravity Position?

The Zero Gravity Position is a term and position developed by NASA as a position for astronauts to help relieve stress on the body while taking off into space (see graphic below). So you really are not going to sleep like atronauts do in space but in the position they are seated during take off.

"Zero Gravity was designed to mimic the position astronauts are in when they launch. That position evenly distributes stress across the whole body so the astronauts can handle all the additional force. Zero gravity beds evenly distribute stress across the body which can help reduce pain and pressure points and result in a better nights rest." Dr. Brandon Meye of Lake Country Health Center, "I recommend them to my patients with lower back pain," which is the most common issue that Dr. Meye and his associates help to treat and heal at their clinic in Delafield. (website)

NASA leaves no stone unturned, thus, they made sure to have their astronauts in the position most likely to support ALL parts of the body equally. Thus while sleeping in the Zero Gravity Position you to awake feeling refreshed and energized due to the numerous health benefits it provides. In order to successfully achieve the Zero Gravity Position on a consistent basis you need an adjustable base and an adjustable friendly mattress- both are available at all Lake Country Bed Barn locations.

The Zero Gravity Position is achieved by laying on your back, then raising your legs and head above your stomach/heart. It is slightly different for all body types, sizes, and shapes but the health benefits are the same for all!!

As mentioned there are numerous health benefits that come from having an adjustable base for your bed and by sleeping in the Zero Gravity Position some of those are:

1. Snoring Relief - Elevation of the head helps open airways helping alleviate the severity of snoring. When snoring is reduced or eliminated it allows one to enter the stage of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep more often throughout the night.

2. Decreased Lower Back Pain- Dr. Ronald Tolchin of states that "at one time or another in their life back pain affects 80% of Americans." How to obtain lower back relief while sleeping can be explained and shown to you in a simple demonstration- stop in any Lake Country Bed Barn location for a Zero Gravity Position tutorial from one of our sleep experts.

3. Reduce Swelling- those who have high blood pressure, diabetes or extra weight can rest more comfortably by elevating their legs to reduce swelling in the lower body by promoting proper blood circulation.

4. Relax Sore Muscles- depending on what muscles give you issues you can lower or raise them to relieve pressure on neck area, arms, legs, or back.

5. Improve Heart Health- zero gravity is a great way to take pressure off of the heart. By allowing better blood flow throughout the body. While sleeping in some positions may actually put additional pressure on your heart.

6. Alleviate Acid Re-flux- by tilting the torso upward it can reduce or even eliminate stomach acids coming back up.

7. Improved Breathing- anyone with respiratory issues, allergies, or asthma could benefit from an adjustable base. Elevating the torso takes pressure off of the lungs and airways making it easier to take fuller more relaxed breaths.

8. ADDED BONUSES- by having the ability to relax in the Zero Gravity Position it is perfect for reading, writing, watching television, or working on your computer while in bed. Lastly, it allows for an easier exit for those who have abdominal or back issues, are injured, or elderly.

Prelude adjustable base

With our ridiculously low prices, so many possible benefits to having an adjustable frame and sleeping in the Zero Gravity Position it's easy to see why these items are consistently Lake Country Bed Barn's top sellers. If you have any questions or would like a quick tutorial on our adjustable bases and the Zero Gravity Position please stop in one of our locations and see what you've been missing!! You don't know what you've been missing until you experience the ZERO GRAVITY POSITION!

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