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  • Eric Gissal

Types of Mattresses- Simplified

There are numerous types of mattresses to choose from in today’s market. While most brands offer something similar to each other (innerspring or memory foam) there are numerous things to consider prior to making your purchase. While everyone’s comfort comes from a different types of mattress, just as we are different types of people. When you are shopping for your new bed you should pay attention to what type you’re looking for (listed below), the mattress components (what's in the mattress), and of course, the PRICE.


Innerspring Mattresses-

There are two types of Innerspring mattresses: individually wrapped coils (pictured on left) and the traditional spring system (pictured on right). The innerspring bed has evolved in recent history to have all coils individually wrapped. By wrapping each coil individually it prolongs the life of the mattress by preventing the springs from popping out of the mattress. The higher number of coils within the mattress the less transfer of motion is felt with any movement. Mattresses that have Individually wrapped coils are ADJUSTABLE FRAME FRIENDLY.

Memory Foam Mattresses-

These have grown in popularity recently and show no sign of slowing down. They are made of layers of different foams that respond to weight and temperature and are widely popular for their ability to contour to the shape of your body. By having a mattress mold to your specific shape it will reduce the pressure applied to any pressure points that you may sleep on (shoulders, hips, back), thus, allowing you a better night’s sleep and reduced pain in the morning. A gel-infused layer of foam has been added as a bonus feature to some foam mattresses as a way to reduce heat that gets built up during a night’s sleep. All foam mattresses are ADJUSTABLE FRAME FRIENDLY.

Hybrid Mattresses-

These mattresses are a combination of the mattresses first listed. They have the combination of individually wrapped coils and memory foam. The lower half of the mattress has the individually wrapped coils with the memory foam at the top (where you sleep.) By giving you the support from the coils and having the memory foam to relieve the pressure points this mattress offers the best of both worlds. Hybrid mattresses are ADJUSTABLE FRAME FRIENDLY.

Adjustable Base/Frame-

An adjustable frame is and will be the future of sleeping comfortably. The position in which astronauts sleep, named by NASA, is called the zero-gravity position. This position is only obtainable with an “adjustable friendly” mattress. By sleeping in this position it offers numerous benefits including reduced snoring, reduces pressure on the heart, reduced acid reflux, as well as less aches and pains from reduced pressure on pressure points. While this is an added expense it can always be purchased later and added to the adjustable friendly mattress you own.

Stay tuned to learn more about air chamber mattresses, latex, pillow top and sofa beds in our part 2.

Shopping for a mattress is only something we do, or should do, every 8-10 years. This is an important purchase that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Mattress companies haven’t made it easy to compare products as names of certain mattresses are all different from one company to the next, however, the materials within the mattress are all essentially the same. So why pay more for a brand name when all beds are made of the same stuff.

This makes it very important to pay attention to the details of the mattress.

  • How tall it is?

  • How many individually wrapped coils there are?

  • How much memory foam?

  • How much gel-infused foam?

  • Where was it made?

  • When was it made?

Pay attention to things one mattress may offer that the other doesn’t, many stores offer pictures illustrating the insides of the mattress. By paying attention to the details you can properly align which beds are comparable from one company to the next, this allows you to compare pricing. Lake Country Bed Barn takes great pride in being able to offer a high quality mattresses to residents within its community at a fraction of the cost of the big chain stores. When you are ready for your next mattress we encourage you to shop around but urge you to make one of those stops at LAKE COUNTRY BED BARN. You won’t be disappointed!

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