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Sleepy Time Roller

Check out this video on how to make a "Sleepy Time Roller" for your child or you can add more oils for yourself!

Here is the recipe:

10 (4) Drops Lavender

10 (4) Drops Cedarwood

8 (3) Drops Serenity

*Combine in a 10 ML roller and top with carrier oil. Use the ( ) amounts for a small child.

Sleepy Time Roller

Here is a bonus recipe for a linen spray recipe:

20 drops lavender

20 drops bergamont

6 drops lemon

6 drops rosemary

1 TBLS Witch Hazel

*Combine in about a 10 oz misting bottle with 1 TBLS of witch hazel and water. Use on bedtime linens to freshen up or before bed.

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