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Getting out in the Community!

Here at Lake Country Bed Barn, we pride ourselves in being involved in the community! From charities, to events that prop up local businesses, to involvement in our local chambers, we are always looking for ways to get out and help in our communities. We like to give back to our communities for multiple reasons; the biggest reason, however, is to say thank you to these communities that helped to lift us up and make our business possible. Without the tightly knit and helpful environments in our towns and our chambers of commerce. We wouldn’t be where we are today.

That being said we would like to specifically thank the Hartland Chamber of Commerce, the Hartland BID, the Waukesha Chamber of Commerce, and most importantly, each and every one of our customers that has continued to refer people to us, helped to spread the word on our business, and truly helped to keep our business running.

Now we want to tell you a little bit about the specific things that we have done in the past to give back to our chambers and our communities. Since our inauguration over three years ago, we have started programs to help boost other local businesses.

The Annual Sidewalk sale is one of the largest events that we have done and we have been doing it since the beginning. It is an event once a year where we shut down streets in downtown hartland and gather a bunch of local businesses to be put on display for pedestrians to stop and shop! In our third year this year, over 30 vendors packed the street to show off their goods and services to the shoppers. Another event that Lake Country Bed Barn started is a young professionals networking event free to any local businesses called LAUNCH. Once a month, a group of young professionals from the area get together for drinks at Beer Snobs Ale and Eats to talk business and create new relationships that will help to better their businesses and get their name out into the community. With the introduction of our Waukesha store just a little over a year ago, we also stepped our feet into the Waukesha community and chamber of commerce. In order to reach out, and thank our newest community, our Waukesha store manager volunteered his time to help plan and coordinate the Downtown Waukesha Christmas Parade. In addition to the parade, we have also decided to create another monthly young professionals event in the waukesha community called Young Professionals Night Out to help improve the Waukesha Chamber as well as the young business owners of the waukesha area. With YPNO, we aim to have a fun, unique and comfortable environment for Young Professionals to get out network, and create long lasting business relationships. Our Inaugural event for YPNO was held last month at Raised Grain Brewery where we had great beer and concluded with an excitingly informational tour of their brewery facility.

Our next YPNO is this February 27th at Spring City Wine House in Waukesha! We will be gathering in a great space, filled with awesome people and wonderful wine! Any and all young professionals looking to get their name out in the business world are welcomed to come and join us!

Check out the two facebook pages for more information on our networking events!

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