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DreamFit Sheets | Guaranteed to Fit and Guaranteed to Stay On

DreamFit Sheet

Have you experienced:

  • Sheets that don’t fit and stay on?

  • Sheets that lose their softness?

  • Difficulty locating the head or foot of the fitted sheet?

  • The Corner Struggle? Are you constantly pulling your fitted sheets back down over your mattress?

DreamFit® solves the challenges of today’s thicker mattresses that are more conforming. Adjustabel bases that are pulling your sheets in different directions and the need for two split fitted sheets. Also, the sheets get softer as you wash them and keep you cool while you sleep!

DreamFit® sheets have 1" High Performance Elastic which is four times wider than industry standard and 20 times stronger than industry standard. It's FirstFit® color-coded, DreamFlex ™ corner bands help you decipher where the head and the foot of the sheets are and are Guaranteed to fit. Guaranteed to stay on.™

DreamFit Advantage

Come see the DreamFit Sheet difference today at Lake Country Bed Barn when you Dine. Shop. and Connect in Downtown Hartland Business Improvement District and Waukesha on East Moreland Blvd.

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