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How Can Our New Programs Benefit You?

Lake Country Bed Barn is making strides to not only work with the community, but to offer the community the best beds at the best value out there. In doing this we have put into operation two new incredible programs. The Bed Barn Benefits Program, and the Sleep Well Student Initiative.

The Bed Barn Benefits program is geared more towards the businesses and organizations in the community. With this program, we work with each individual company or group to bring their employees or members an extra 10% off on our already tremendously priced beds. The program is at no expense to the employer or organization. Currently we have a large range in the types of companies that we work with from Quad Graphics and their employees to Lake Country Racquet Club and all of their members. If you think that your company or organization would be a good fit for our Bed Barn Benefits Program, please give us a call at 262-370-1462.

The Sleep Well Student Initiative is a similar program that is set to a slightly larger audience. We at the Bed Barn know how hard being a college student can be. Whether it be stressing out over finals, never having a spare moment, or quite perfectly fitting the label of "Broke College Student", we know it can be hard to find a good night's sleep. Without a good night's sleep its hard to have a good morning. We want to help each and every college student achieve those Good Mornings. To do this we are offering 10% off to every single college student. No "ifs", "ands", or "buts" about it. 10% off any Bed Barn product or purchase.

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