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Meet the New Man in Charge


Lake Country Bed Barn in Waukesha going through some changes. With the introduction of executive store operator, Cameron Schmidt, a ripple effect of positive changes is in motion. The Waukesha store has a fresh new look and is showcasing the best values in the wild world that we call mattress sales.

Cameron Schmidt, Executive Store Operator and Manager of Lake Country Bed Barn Waukesha

The Man Himself

I am a locally grown 22-year-old currently enrolled as a full-time marketing student at Colorado State University. I pride myself as being a driven, educated, well-spoken, and polite young adult. I am an outgoing lad that enjoys new experiences and has plenty of hobbies. A few of my favorite hobbies are hiking and backpacking, snowboarding and skiing, and everything music. I also love to travel to pursue each of these hobbies. I find that some of the best experiences in life, however, are simply through meeting new people and having conversations.

In my previous experience in sales and communication positions, I learned that customer satisfaction is a must. Although our mattresses and Lake Country Bed Barn offer a tremendous value on their own, I aim to add to that value with exceptional customer service. Many sales associates can offer great service during the purchase process, but I am committed to extend the practices of my business partners, Nick and Elise Miller, in that the customer service never ends. Being the small “Mom and Pop Shop” that they are at Lake Country Bed Barn in Hartland, every single customer matters and it shows. There is an obvious strive to satisfy customers. Bringing this incredible service to the Waukesha store is of the utmost importance to me in taking over the Waukesha location.

Now that you know me and my values, stop into the store any time so I can get to know you!

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