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Meet Eric

Hi, my name is Eric. My family and I are extremely excited for the wonderful opportunity offered by Nick and Elise Miller.

For the last two years I worked as an Operations Manager for a globally known and highly regarded cleaning company in the regional office with my fiance, Kristi. While it was a great position to have it allowed little quality family time, as I worked 50+ hours a week. Kristi and I have two beautiful daughters named Diem and Hadley, they are our world!! The Miller family and our's share similar views and values in the belief of honest hard work and spending time with your family. "Family is where life begins and love never ends."

My early goals are to learn the product as well as possible so that I can best serve you as our customers. I want to be able to inform the customer on his/her purchase and be able to answer any and all questions that may arise. Part of my excitement with this opportunity is within our sales approach. In that it is to educate the customers and assist in their needs and budget; you always make the decision without a high pressure salesman.

I look forward to getting to work for the Millers and you our customers!!!

Pictured: Eric with his daughters, Diem & Hadley, & Fiance, Kristi.

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