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How our mattresses are made?

On Friday, September 23rd we were able to go on a tour at Symbol Mattress factory. It was very educational as well as eye opening to see how Symbol is able to make such a high quality product with not only the machines used but the talented people behind the scenes. Here is a few photos of our tour. If you like to see the short video of the factory, please click here.

In this photo our sales representative, Marcus, is explaining the foam encasement that goes around the perimeter of the mattress to provide support along the side of the bed while sitting and laying on it and also helps keep the enclosed coils in place in the mattress. Therefor you can sit on the edge of your mattress and not feel springs blowing out the side.

Here you can see the enclosed coil system with the quilt layered on top and ready to get attached. This is a Signature series mattress which is one of Symbols best sellers…. As well as ours! As you can see the over 1300 individually wrapped coils in the top layer of the mattress, along with over 800 in the bottom of this bed. Signature Queen MCS mattresses have over 2000 coils. This is a huge benefit for your body to provide custom support for every body type and helps minimize sleep disruption between partners that has an amazingly comfortable feel!


Now in this picture you may be asking yourself “what is that??”….. “That” is actually a stack of all wood foundation. Traditionally were called “Box Springs” because they were made of springs and a lot of people still do call them “Box Springs”. Since mattresses have become built better and more comfortable they now make them out of wood. Symbol’s foundations are much more durable and every bed they make can be supported by one of these foundations. The foundations are built in the factory which also helps keep the cost down.

Blue foam?? That’s right, blue foam! That blue foam is actually the Gel Memory Foam found in our mattresses! The texture difference of the gel vs traditional foam is pretty remarkable. Gel memory foam is added into select Symbol mattresses to help prevent the mattress from unwanted, trapped heat in the mattress. I also can add from personal experience that it is very soft!

Theses wonderful machines are what test the warranty durability of the Symbol mattresses. No, it does not take 10 years for it to determine the warranty. It can be done in hours instead of years so Symbol can determine the quality and structure of the newly developed mattresses. The cuts in the mattress for the last picture was not done do to wear and tear. So don’t worry! Symbol does this on purpose to be able to watch the foam and springs inside during testing. Pretty in-depth work guys!!

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