10% off For All College Students!!

The Sleep Well Student Initiative

Being that we are a family run business, the strength of our community means a whole lot to us. We do everything we can to help our community grow and to support local small business. The Sleep Well Student Initiative is just another way for the Bed Barn to do this.

We know that being a college student can be hard. Between the long hours of school work, the part-time jobs to make ends meet, and everything else life throws at us, good sleep can be a rarity and budgets can be tight. To fix this, Bed Barn is offering all college students a 10% discount on our already extremely affordable beds. We promise to find you the best value to fit your budget.

Being a college student leaves us with a lot of things to worry

about; Stop in to the store today and let's make sure a great night

of sleep isn't one of them.

Be sure to have your student ID with you to receive your discount!

Female college student