Copper Znergy™ Infused Cover

Copper Znergy™ Infused Cover combines the comfort and pain relieving benefits that Tommie Copper is known for with the support of a traditional innerspring mattress. Znergy™ Infused fabric aids in muscle recovery, joint support, relief from aches and pains, and has the ability to eliminate odor causing microbes.


1" Copper Gel Quilt

Underneath Tommie Copper’s patent pending Znergy™ Infused Cover is a layer of Cooling Gel Foam forenhanced heat dissipation.


2” CopperGel™ Memory Foam
CopperGel™ Memory Foam incorporates microscopic copper-infused gel particles into the foam, creating an antimicrobial barrier against the body when compressed. These properties not only create a cleaner mattress, but CopperGel’s exceptional thermal properties provide lasting thermal comfort throughout the night.

1” Super Soft Foam

Cushioning the CopperGel™ Memory Foam from the Quantum Coils beneath, the Super Soft foam provides additional plush comfort for a truly luxurious feeling.


Insulating Barrier
Cushioning the CopperGel™ Memory Foam from the Quantum Coils beneath, the insulating barrier provides additional support and comfort.


Five Zone Quantum Edge Wrapped Coil System (1057 Coils/Queen)

Experience even more support with the Quantum Edge Coil System featuring five zones of individually wrappedcoils. Enjoy increased edge support along the entire perimeter of the mattress thanks to a smaller diameter coilproviding more support and functionality compared to traditional foam encasement.


1" Support Core
The final layer of the Tommie Copper™ Lineup, the Support Core provides support for all layers above, creating a shock-proof barrier from any box spring or foundation you choose to place the mattress on.


Mattress Height 14"

Tommie Copper PERFORMANCE Mattress

  • 10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

    *No comfort warranty

  • Made in the USA by Symbol Mattress in Watertown, WI


    CertiPUR-US lox toxin certification 


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