Solve your sleep-related problems with a thin profile power base that offers the same benefits and stability as a free-standing adjustable bed.


Designed to function perfectly on top of an existing platform or pedestal bed, the Summit relieves aches and pains by adjusting the head and foot sections to find your perfect sleeping position.  Reduce snoring and relax in comfort by simply tilting the head section, or take pressure off the lower back by raising the foot. The Summit's unique rail brackets distribute weight evenly to avoid putting too much pressure on the bed slats. Available in Twin XL and Queen sizes, now you can get renowned Rize durability and lift capacity without getting rid of your favorite platform bed.


Feature Description
Classic Platform Design Simple, elegant body blends with any decor.
Wireless Remote A simple interface makes the Summit's remote easy to use, even in the dark.
Continuous Motion Mode Set the bed to go through a series of positions automatically.
Auto-Flat Press one button to return to a flat, neutral position.
Steel Rail Brackets For extra durability, we use steel rail brackets to distribute weight across the platform instead of putting too much pressure on bed slats.
Heavy-Duty Motors Two durable motors provide a lift capacity of up to 850 lb. per base.
Gravity Release Rize motors also have a built in safety feature to reduce stress on objects caught under the bed, so there's no worry about pinching or pressing.
Battery Backup Even during a complete power outage, the replaceable fuse of the battery backup system allows you to return your bed to a flat, sleeping position.
Adjustable Headboard Brackets Available for additional purchase, these headboard brackets make it easy to attach your favorite headboard to your adjustable bed.
Energy Efficiency Rated

Summit Rize Adjustable Base

  • Trimline Technology

    Love drawers under your bed? The Summit's thin profile (about 4.5 inches tall) fits smoothly on platform beds and still gives a full range of movement.


    Steel Support

    Go ahead, get the big mattress. The durable steel frame and support brackets hold up even the heaviest bedding.


    Improved Lift Capacity 

    Don't be afraid to get close - two heavy-duty motors lift up to 850 lb. per base.


    Perfect Positioning

    Raise and lower the head and foot to get just the right setting for you and whoever is with you.

  • Rest assured - the Rize Summit is covered by a 20-year, basic limited warranty. The warranty includes the first 5 years with full coverage of parts and labor.

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