Acrus Pillow

Latex, Memory Foam, and TruGel® Pillow.
Features a comfort curve design, cooling TEMPTEC™ fabric, TruGel® beads, and plush latex


Product Features

Plush Latex with Bounce - Pieces of shredded latex offer pain-relief providing soft yet supportive comfort.

Comfort Curve - Curved to conform to the contours of your neck and shoulder.

TruGel® Beads - TruGel® absorbs heat and provides maximum cooling allowing your body to transition into a better night’s sleep.

Antimicrobial Memory Foam - Memory foam is naturally resistant to allergens, filters out harmful elements and controls odor, fighting mold and mildew.

TEMPTEC™ Fabric - TEMPTEC™ fabric removes humidity within the sleep environment and provides a cooler sleep surface improves the quality of your sleep all night long.

Arcus Pillow

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