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The Good Morning Gift Guide

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Everyone deserves a great nights sleep! Let us guide you on how to help your loved ones get the gift of "Good Mornings" by providing them with a gift that can help relax and help them sleep!

Relax & Unwind:

  1. Massage Gift Certificate- Meet with our friend Lauren Zachow in Pewaukee to get a relaxing message! Learn more about how to use massage for sleep here.

  2. Diffuser and Essential Oils- Lavender essential oil is wonderful for sleep because of it calming effects.

  3. There are three easy ways to use lavender for sleep:

  4. Put a drop on a cotton ball and tuck it right under your pillow case

  5. Put a drop in your hand, then apply to the back of the neck and wrists.

  6. Put a few drops in your diffuser to enjoy for several hours. Ensure you use a cold diffuser as heat can lessen the therapeutic effect of the oil.

  7. To learn more check out Oily Living with Serena & Friends or contact Serena LeFeber directly,

  8. Yoga Classes- Practicing Yoga can work to relax your muscles, reduce stress from the day, and

increase blood circulation. Learn more about

how to use yoga for sleep here.

  1. Waukesha- ​Reaching for the Treetops Yoga, 808 N Grand Ave, Waukesha, (262) 501-1572

  2. Lake Country- Coda Yoga, 139 E Capitol Dr, Suite 7, Hartland, (262) 402-8221

  3. Chiropractic Care- Keeping your body healthy and having alignment maintained can help one sleep at night.

  4. Lake Country Health Center, 262-646-5800, 1452 Genesee Street, Delafield

Get Comfortable:

  1. New Pillow- Often neck pain can be attributed to an ill pillow. We have some stellar new pillows in stock from $49-$59 or two for $79-$99. Learn more about the pillows we carry here.

  2. Dreamfit Sheets- These sheets are pure luxury! They are soft, cool and stay on your mattress. Learn more about our sheets here.

Adjustable Base- These are the hottest selling item in the store. Zero Gravity positioning is one of the best positions for your body to heal and relax. Learn more about all the adjustable base benefits here.

We are at Lake Country Bed Barn strive to help get our customers on the right track to more restful sleep. Please, help us give the gift of good mornings!

The Good Morning Gift Guide

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