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Are you my type?

Are my type?  Find out which mattress best suits you're sleeping style: stomach sleeper, back sleeper and side sleepers.

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is “Which mattress would be best for me if I sleep on my side, stomach or back?” This is obviously a great question and very important to each individual. The right mattress can make all the difference to not waking up in the middle of the night to re-position which will help you wake up you feel refreshed and ready for the day! I will briefly break down each position and which mattress is best recommended for the sleep position.

Side Sleeper - This is the way most people sleep at night. This position could also be considered the healthiest position to sleep in. In some cases side sleeping can help stop acid reflux as well as help prevent sleep apnoea. A medium firm feel to slightly plush memory foam mattress would be considered the best option for side sleepers. Do to the design of memory foam mattresses it forms around the waist in side sleeping positions, as well as take pressure off certain pressure points that may cause discomfort in the side sleeping position. When side sleeping it can be rough on shoulders and arms do to lack of blood flow to these areas. So you do want to make sure to get a mattress that has a little give and is not too firm. Pocketed coiled or hybrid mattresses are still a great alternative if an individual is not comfortable moving to a memory foam mattress. Below are links to our mattresses that would be best for the side sleeping position.

Back Sleeper - This may be considered the least common sleeping position. The strain put on your spine from sleeping on your back could cause discomfort to your upper back and bottom. Do to the natural curvature of our bodies the weight bares down more on these two areas. This position also has been known to cause more snoring, as well as being more prone to develop sleep apnoea. A medium firm to firm mattress with pocketed coil technology may be the best option. The individually moving coils move independently to help relieve the pressure on the upper back and bottom more than a traditional innerspring mattress.That being said an adjustable base is most desired because it has the ability to go into zero gravity positioning, elevating the head and/or feet to an individual's comfort that will relieve even more pressure. An alternative to an adjustable base would be a pillow under knees to start and see how that feels. Below are links to our mattresses and adjustable base best suited for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleeper - Unfortunately this sleeping position has been discussed as the most unhealthy position for sleeping. This is do to the increased amount of pressure that can be put on the torso which then also puts strain on the spine. Another obviously strain being done is to your neck, since in almost all cases it is twisted to one side or the other. The best option of mattress is for a middle feel or slightly firm mattress. Again, pocketed coils would be best do to the relief that the most pressured areas receive. If you are still waking up sore, try a thin pillow under your stomach versus under your head. Below is links to the mattresses that would be best for the stomach sleeping position.

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